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全球语的团队是致力于教育,并已经取得在教育软件方面的成功。 网上服务及多媒体语言指示

我们所提供的高品质,互动式的方法是最简易,最快捷的方式让学习者拥有全球语, 以便和全世界超过2亿人作流畅的沟通.

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  • 只用1500单词,做到英语交流与沟通

  • 应用简单,但标准的语法结构

  • 只需学习1500个单词,掌握足够的单词发音和拼写规则

  • 拥有一门可靠的,世界通用的商业或旅游用语



Globish The World Over in Chinese translation.

显然,此版本的《全球语 沟通全世界》是为了那些想要用他们的母语来学习全球语这个工具,从而进行国际交流的读者们准备的。此外,这本书采用的英汉对照形式也能让正在学习英语的学生们看到全球语-英语的基本结构。




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Opportunity for NNS English teachers. In this free 56-page e-book, you learn how to put all the pieces together: live teaching, small classes, easy scheduling, no travel, consistent 24/7 materials, and pertinent Globish-English using GNG.
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Europe, May 2015

In his work for IBM, Nerriere noticed in meetings that non-native English speakers in the Far East were communicating far more successfully with their Korean and Japanese clients than competing British or American executives, for whom English was the mother tongue......

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Taiwan, June 2013

Dr. Chao-ming Chen discussed Globish with Jean-Paul Nerriere and David Hon on UDN National Television. The two co-authors were in Taiwan for the release of their book Globish The World Over in Mandarin, by Linking Publishers there. (Video of 23 minutes below)

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Guardian Newspaper, UK - Globish: the worldwide dialect of the third millennium - March 29, 2010

More than a lingua franca, the rapid adoption of 'decaffeinated English', according to the man who coined the term 'Globish', makes it the world's most widely spoken language.

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has just published a report Global Security: UK-US Relations whose headline conclusion (The "Special Relationship" is Dead) interests me. This, it seems to me, is potentially another milestone in the evolution of the phenomenon I've occasionally referred to on this blog as "Globish".

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October 2, 2009

Globish The World Over Appears in First Translation

The first translation of Globish The World Over , in Hungarian, was announced today by the International Globish Institute. The side-by-side e-book form will be offered beginning this week by, with other potential distributors in discussion. Translation partners are now at work on Japanese, Russian, Dutch, and Hindi versions, with preliminary discussions involving Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic versions.


The original work, Globish the World Over, observes how a billion people are in need of a consistent language to do business across the globe. It describes how the problem is being solved by many non-native English speakers, and discusses the specific outlines of the Globish approach that is being noted as perhaps the only possibility for true Global talk. Globish The World Over was just published this summer.


Among many good reviews was that of Robert McCrum, literary editor for The London Observer and writer of The Story of English and the upcoming book Globish: The Making of Global English (W.W. Norton, Spring 2010). McCrum: "I must congratulate you on GLOBISH THE WORLD OVER. It's a pioneering text of great importance, full of enthralling insights for native and non-native English users alike."

Clearly, this new Hungarian version of Globish The World Over -- and other translations to come -- will be for readers who choose to use their native tongue to learn about this Globish tool for international communication. However, this side-by-side translation form also lets students who are learning English see the basic structures of Globish, line-by-line in Hungarian.

ELTWeekly, India - September 5th, 2009

Review of the book "Globish - The World Over"

‘Globish - The World Over’ is a 168-page ebook written by Jean-Paul Nerriere and David Hon. This ebook is divided into two parts - ‘The Problem with Learning English’ and ‘Elements of Globish’. It featuers 23 chapters.
IT would be worth spending $9.95to read this book which has come with a new concept and could make a BIG story in terms of communication.

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Toronto Star Article, Canada - Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Frenchman's quixotic attempt to build an empire based on the global dialect dubbed `English-lite'

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BBC Article - Thursday, January 29, 2009
New lingua franca upsets French

That the French resent the global supremacy of the English language is nothing new, but a newly evolved business-speak version is taking over.

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