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LEARN Globish-level English IN GLOBISH!


Complete the full Globish-English course in 3 - 6 months

START NOW...Just $49.95, unlimited use for 6 months!

See a 5-minute Orientation in PowerPoint, then Take 2 Free Lessons!

BEGIN reading 350 basic words and build to 1500....
LISTEN to and SAY each word - special help with sounds....
USE your computer, or mobile ... or both!
LEARN to make simple sentences for every communication you need...

Globish In Globish is a course for people who can read at least 350-500 words of English, and who want to master Globish-English quickly by learning everything IN Globish. (Here's what they say about Globish IN Globish™.....)

"....this program is simple, easy and understandable for everyone."

"...may help some students learn immersion process... "

"At first it was...difficult to get used to the language... but after two hours I realized I could understand everything."
Timea P.

"It's exciting to learn another language in a way that I would learn my native language."
- Jin

"It is a very good feeling when I can find out the meaning of a word by reading and understanding the language I am studying."
Anna P.

"Today was exciting. I was able to make short sentences today."
- Renjo

"Having an mp3 file going along with the story helped me a lot. Now I know how to pronounce the new words and it also gave me an opportunity to improve my listening comprehension."
Zsuzsanna, T.

NOW...EXPLORE TWO LESSONS...FREE! On your Mobile Phone Only, just go to -- Small Bandwidth for low cost and quick interaction!


Globish For English Speakers

English Speakers - This 3 minutes of Globish is for YOU!

GNG is also a fast way for English-speakers to use Globish in an international setting. One of the big problems with companies is that their English speakers speak TOO MUCH English for the people they work with. Globish can be an answer to that as well, and you can use GNG (above) as well.

For English teachers and advanced English students, Globish IN Globish offers the most complete and detailed rendering that you can find in English of the words and practices of Globish. For details, contact

Globish Online

Interactive Online Learning Course

Our goal is to develop the highest quality, most effective interactive  Globish instruction service for non-native English speakers worldwide to learn this global form of English.

The Team behind Globish is dedicated to education and has a successful history in educational software, online services and multimedia language instructions.

Free E-Book:Teach Globish


In this free 56-page prE-book, you learn how to put all the pieces together: live teaching, small classes, easy scheduling, no travel, consistent 24/7 materials, and pertinent Globish-English using GNG.
Opportunity for NNS English teachers. Download it.

Plays in Globish-English

Not Quite Shakespeare

9 short,fun plays in Globish-level English for ESL Conversation Classes.

Did you ever wonder what to do with those 3-10 people who show up for your English Conversation classes? Use these plays for reading, or even for staging with chairs and a blank stage. They offer many possibilities to study pronunciation, stress, and more in a non-threatening -- fun -- activity for the class.Try a free sample play, Auditions for God.




On your mobile, take a look at the new "MOBILE ONLY" demo of Globish IN Globish at (This is also where you will login for mobile when you use the full course.) You will see how you can use the course on your computer OR your mobile phone or BOTH -- if you have one of each. The mobile option lets you study GNG on the train or waiting for a bus, or at sporting events that are not too interesting.

Plays on any mobile phone which can access the Internet -- including iPhone and iPad, and all Android phones!

For a description of the Globish IN Globish course, read the material on the left.

Globish Dictionaries