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Globish für Anfänger


Globish Für Anfänger

Erlerne Globish auf spielerische Art und Weise. Ein Grundkurs für absolute Anfänger prässentiert Ihnen die wichtigsten 1500 Wörter der Englischen Sprache und die korrekte Grammatik zur Satzbildung. Jeden Monat wird eine neue Lektion mit über 40 Einheiten vorgestellt.

Globish erlaubt Ihnen:

  • Eine erfolgreiche Verständigung in Englisch auf der ganzen Welt.
  • Korrekte Satzbildung und einfache Grammatik mittels der wichtigsten Wörter der Englischen Sprache.


Starten Sie hier den ersten Schritt zu Globish!



Lerne GLobish Level English in nur 3 bis 6 Monaten!
If you can read this, you can learn
Globish IN Globish TM
in 3-6 months (if you work hard!)
  • START reading 350 basic words and build to 1500....
  • LISTEN to and SAY each word - special help with sounds....
  • USE your computer, or mobile ... or both!
  • LEARN to make simple sentences for every communication you need...
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START NOW...Just $49.95, unlimited use for 6 months!

Here's what they say about Globish IN Globish™.....

"....this program is simple, easy and understandable for everyone."

"...may help some students learn immersion process... "

"At first it was...difficult to get used to the language... but after two hours I realized I could understand everything."
Timea P.

"It's exciting to learn another language in a way that I would learn my native language."
- Jin

"It is a very good feeling when I can find out the meaning of a word by reading and understanding the language I am studying."
Anna P.

"Today was exciting. I was able to make short sentences today."
- Renjo

"Having an mp3 file going along with the story helped me a lot. Now I know how to pronounce the new words and it also gave me an opportunity to improve my listening comprehension."
Zsuzsanna, T.


Free eBook! Teach Globish


In this free 56-page prE-book, you learn how to put all the pieces together: live teaching, small classes, easy scheduling, no travel, consistent 24/7 materials, and teaching Globish-English using Globish IN Globish.
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